The Czech Business Council for Sustainable Development is an interest association that brings together leading Czech companies from various sectors that feel responsible for respecting the principles of sustainable development and business („Czech BCSD“). It is the national affiliate of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (“WBCSD“), the world’s largest private sector association focused on sustainable development.

Czech BCSD is an interest association (association) according to § 214-302 of the Civil Code, Act No. 89/2012 Coll., as amended.


Years since
the Founding


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Vision, philosophy and common goal

The vision of the Czech BCSD is to promote an entrepreneurial and social culture in the Czech Republic and to co-create a world in which nine billion people live well, i.e. in functional societies, while respecting the natural limits of the planet to maintain and develop the quality of life of people, the economy and the environment.

The philosophy of the Czech BCSD membership is based on the belief that authentic collaboration, proactive approach and inclusiveness of the business community in the Czech Republic across sectors and industries is essential for both the management of sustainable change at the global regional (EU) and national level, where the common goal of members is a systemic transition to a sustainable world, and for the competitiveness of Czech-based entrepreneurs. Sustainability is no longer a matter for PR departments and marketing, but a new key factor in co-determining market success and corporate value.

The common goal of the members of the Czech BCSD is to promote more successful and prosperous business in the Czech Republic based on sustainable practices and a quality national external framework (legislation, regulation, policies, strategies, instruments and institutions) and to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world through cooperation between entrepreneurs and between the private and public sectors in an intelligent and coordinated way. Addressing global challenges requires a comprehensive and interconnected approach and collective intelligence. No problem exists in isolation and incremental change alone is no longer sufficient. That is why the Czech BCSD fosters a sustainable approach in business through tools, services, examples, models, procedures and experiences using international best practice. It makes room for the use of scalable solutions based on scientific knowledge that delivers measurable positive impact, new sustainable technologies and innovative best practices.

One of the main beliefs of the Czech BCSD in cooperation with the WBCSD is the necessity of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 (SDGs). Within the framework of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, CBCSD members collaborate on important issues such as achieving zero emissions by 2050 (e.g. through the RETHINK working group), creating sustainable processes (e.g. through membership in the Government Council for Sustainable Development), as well as reducing waste of food and material resources (e.g. through the Circular Economy working group).

Origin and history

Under the auspices of the Czech Management Association, an agreement on the establishment of the Czech branch of the WBCSD was signed on 26 April 2012 in the Presidential Lounge of Žofín Palace as part of the Day of Successful Managers and Companies. The Czech branch thus became the 64th national branch of the WBCSD.

Representatives of companies at the establishment of the Czech BCSD, 2012.

10 years of the Czech Business Council for Sustainable Development

“It is incredible how much has changed in the 10 years since the Czech BCSD was founded. The rational idea of the need to balance world civilization with the planetary environment has in many cases become a simplistic ideology. It increasingly enters into the functioning of a yet unsurpassed tool for optimising resource allocation – the market.

The Czech BCSD and its global umbrella WBCSD aim to find ways to preserve the planet’s natural balance in the most market-oriented way possible – especially with new technologies. However, the overall aim is to achieve the broadest possible, sustainable civilisational development, the measure of which is by no means only GDP growth – as the Czech BCSD has also shown in the elaboration of the Czech Business Vision 2050.

In connection with the small round anniversary of J. A. Comenius, we should constantly return to his seminal work, The General Counsel on the Correction of Human Affairs, in our efforts for the most comprehensive development of civilization.

I wish the Czech BCSD and its tireless ‘thought engine’, today’s president, Petr Kalas, another successful decade for the Czech CBCSD, especially in expanding cooperation with similarly oriented business and social entities, as it has been successful from the very beginning in the relationship with the Czech Management Association.”

Ing. Pavel Kafka, dr.h.c.
(founding president of the Czech BCSD)

Interview with WBCSD President – Peter Bakker

Establishment of Czech BCSD – 26.4.2012