WBCSD, Futerra and a range of other partners have launched a fresh and fun perspective from which to approach action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the Good Life Goals campaign. The focus lies on the personal actions that everyone can take to support each of the 17 SDGs. They were created to be relevant, easily understood and accessible to individuals all around the world. The Good Life Goals can provide companies with valuable clarity into the ways the SDGs link to the actions, activities and lifestyles of their customers and where products and services fit into that picture.

Launch of the Food Loss and Waste Value calculator

The Food Reform for Health and Sustainability (FReSH) project – a partnership between WBCSD and EAT – has announced the creation of the Food Loss and Waste Value Calculator, which allows to instantly estimate the value of food loss and waste in terms of the nutrition being lost and in terms of environmental impacts.

Insider Perspective: The Global Climate Action Summit

Climate leaders across business, policy and civil society recently gathered in San Francisco to “take ambition to the next level” at the first-ever Global Climate Action Summit. The hallmark summit was designed to showcase the work of local governments and non-state actors in pursuing the fight against climate change. Over 4,000 individuals attended the official summit, while tens of thousands more journeyed to San Francisco to participate in the 300 side events running across the city and beyond.


Insider Perspective: CII Sustainability Summit and WBCSD India Day

On 5-7 September, two events were held in Delhi, aimed at accelerating India’s sustainable development: WBCSD India day and the Sustainability Summit organized by CII-CESD. India holds one fifth of the world’s population, the planet’s fastest growing large economy and represents one quarter of all additional energy demand to 2040. Additionally, India must deliver up to half the progress required for achieving the SDGs. In other words, we all have a stake in India’s sustainable transition, it’s everyone’s future.


How companies and investors can guarantee safe access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at the workplace

Only 7% of the reporting companies make commitments to improving access to WASH, which is a basic human right and can play a major role in contributing towards SDG Goal 6 on Clean Water and Sanitation. In a recent webinar organized by CDP, which runs a global disclosure system to measure and manage environmental impact of businesses and cities, speakers shared how WBCSD’s WASH at the Workplace Pledge is being used by companies to ensure safe access to WASH inside the fence, raise standards, improve employee productivity and retention.


An interview with Anne-Cécile Remont, Director of the Tire Industry Project (TIP) at WBCSD

Considering the impact of tires, whether in-use or used, and tightening regulations, large tire companies have been taking serious measures from selecting raw materials to production process to make tires eco-friendly. Eleven leading tires companies that represent approximately 65% of the world’s tire manufacturing capacity formed the Tire Industry Project (TIP). Anne-Cecile Remont, TIP Director at WBCSD, speaks about the efforts of the organization on end-of-life tires, impacts of tire and road wear particles, rubber sustainability, product category rules and other issues. Read more


Five ways to encourage sustainable behavior through integrated corporate performance

WBCSD’s Eva Zabey shares five ways to progress on integrated corporate performance – from eliminating the jargon to converging on approaches. “Transforming the financial system to reward the most sustainable companies all starts with measuring and valuing impacts and dependencies.”

WBCSD’s CEO Guides available in a wide range of languages

WBCSD has produced a number of CEO Guides and regularly publishes translations. The latest available translations include the CEO Guide to the Circular Economy available in Japanese and Spanish, the CEO Guide to the SDGs (in Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese, Croatian, English, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish) or the CEO Guide to Water (in English, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish).


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