The Czech Business Council’s Sustainable Development Working Groups are a key pillar in achieving our sustainable goals and ambitions. Groups such as Decarbonisation, Clean Transport, Circular Economy, Scope 3 Supply Chain, RETHINK and Vision 2050 are the cornerstones of our sustainability efforts. We are working together to find innovative solutions and strategies that will enable us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the quality of our transport systems, promote a circular economy and redefine our supply chains to be environmentally friendly. Our collective efforts are focused on transforming our business environment so that it is ready to meet the challenges and achieve the sustainable future we envision in Vision 2050. Together, we are committed to pushing the boundaries and contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

List of Working Groups


Clean Transport


Circular Economy


Scope 3 Supply Chain




Vision 2050

Initiation Meeting of CBCSD Working Group Members – Recording (in Czech language only)