Today, more than half the global population lives in cities, and by 2050 more than two-thirds will. City life drives 80% of total global energy and resource demand and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.

A well-designed city can open the way to WBCSD’s vision of creating a world in which more than nine billion people live well within the limits of the planet, offering resilient, healthy and clean cities for all.


Program areas

Sustainable Cities

Each city has its own sustainable challenges and priorities and need to involve key stakeholders in defining their sustainable pathway. The Cities program offers a space for interactions between cities, businesses and citizen to engage with each other, build a common vision and develop suitable innovative solutions. The role of the private sector is critical for providing expertise, strategic approach and financial capacity to deliver tailored sustainable solutions at local levels for a global outreach.

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Transforming Mobility

Transforming Mobility brings together leading companies across the extended mobility value chain to lead the system transformation of mobility.

With an aim to accelerate the transition towards clean, safe and efficient mobility for all, WBCSD’s companies build on emerging mobility thrusts (digitalization, vehicle electrification, energy generation from renewable sources, shared mobility and vehicle automation) to achieve four Sustainable Mobility Goals worldwide (Universal Access, Clean, Safety, Efficiency).

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