Our current society is characterized by a range of dynamic shifts and evolutions. We are faced with a world that is polarizing, a world that is facing risks and opportunities in the way we work, a world that is on the move and a world in which people are living beyond their means. The People program provides solutions that support companies in ensuring that they remain in tune with the needs, rights, goals and aspirations of society against the backdrop of this rapidly evolving landscape.


Program areas

Social Impact

WBCSD’s work on Social Impact catalyzes business action to fuel inclusive growth. We do this by facilitating peer-to-peer exchange, inspiring, informing and advocating for business action, and representing the voice of leading business in international forums. Projects this year focus on helping companies operationalize the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and shape the Future of Work in an era of digitalization and automation.

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Sustainable Lifestyles

This program seeks to understand the world that we need to create – technically, practically and emotionally – to enable and inspire more sustainable lifestyles.

Efforts to promote sustainable consumption often focus either on incremental product improvements or single points of behavior change. However, products are used within existing infrastructures and use can account for greater impacts than production.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Realization of the SDG will, in many cases, require radical systems change. However, the challenges that characterize this agenda are more than matched by the scale of the opportunity that they represent for business to engage more deeply as a strong and positive influence on society. We assist companies in understanding the implications of the SDGs and integrating them into their strategies.

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