V rámci našeho projektu Building Bridges máme k dispozici řadu nástrojů, zdrojů a poznatků, díky nimž se udržitelnost a ESG dostanou do centra vztahů mezi podniky a investory. Začněte s našimi podnikovými abstrakty a zjistěte, které z úplných pracovních dokumentů napsaných IRRI by vás mohly nejvíce zajímat. Jednoduché a jasné pokyny pro komunikaci o udržitelnosti s investory a analytiky najdete zde.

Building Bridges

The Building Bridges project enables companies to communicate their sustainability exposures and practices more effectively to investors by focusing on mainstream investor relations. Through investor targeting, direct communications and developing relevant information about sustainable business strategies, companies can create a virtuous circle that improves the depth and quality of investment research, investor understanding and capital allocation decisions.

The Challenge

Investor interest in companies’ exposure to and management of sustainability issues is broadening, deepening and starting to impact company valuations. However, many corporate teams do not yet feel equipped to communicate meaningfully and efficiently with investors on sustainability issues. This creates an opportunity to develop skills and supply data that strengthens the ability of investor relations managers to lead their firm’s sustainable investor relations activity.

The Business Case

Companies should integrate and model their sustainability communications on their financial communications to investors. They should use established investor relations practices to target investors with messages that appeal to mainstream investors as well as to sustainability specialists. Using these tried and tested methods makes efficient use of management time, enables consistent engagement with all investors and ensures that material sustainability factors become appropriately reflected in stock valuations.

The Business Solution

The Building Bridges project is a set of seven targeted interventions which will incentivize, inform and equip investor relations and sustainability managers to communicate their sustainability exposures and activities more effectively to investors and analysts.

By collecting practical experience, www.sustainable-ir.com provides companies globally with the framework, tools and support that they need to increase the effectiveness of their sustainable investor communications while reducing the time investments required.

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