Tento týden vypršela lhůta pro předložení nových nebo aktualizovaných národně stanovených příspěvků (NDC), které mají být zahrnuty do souhrnné zprávy UNFCCC, jež bude vydána později v tomto roce před konferencí COP26.

This week marked the cut-off date for the submission of new or updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to be included in a UNFCCC synthesis report that will be issued later this year, ahead of COP26.

NDCs embody the national plans designed by each country to address climate change. Taken together, they provide the most comprehensive and accurate record of global climate action.

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, said: “I want to express my recognition and gratitude, as well as that of the UNFCCC as a whole, to those countries that submitted new or updated NDCs in time for their inclusion in the forthcoming synthesis report.”

By the cut-off date, the secretariat revealed that it received new or updated NDCs from 110 Parties. This means that only a little over half the Parties (58%) have met the cut-off deadline.

This is an improvement from the end of December 2020, with new or updated NDCs from 75 Parties received and included in the initial version of the synthesis report.

Patricia Espinosa said: “The level of ambition reflected in those national climate action plans also needs to be enhanced. One of the key findings in the initial version of the synthesis report showed that collective efforts fall far short of what is required by science to limit a global temperature rise by the end of the century of 2C, let alone the desired objective of less than 1.5C. I truly hope that the revised estimate of collective efforts will reveal a more positive picture.”

The cut-off date for submissions allows the UNFCCC to carry out the essential work of reviewing, quantifying and summarizing the content of the new or updated NDCs, before presenting the results to the Parties and to the public at large.

However, the UNFCCC allow countries to enhance the ambition of their respective NDCs after this date.

Espinosa added: “I call on those countries that were unable to meet this deadline to redouble their efforts and honour their commitment under the Paris Agreement to renew or update their NDCs. I also encourage those who have submitted their NDCs to continue reviewing and enhancing their level of ambition. By doing so, they will contribute to the preservation of our planet and the well-being of people around the world.”

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