WBCSD has launched a new report documenting the electric vehicle (EV) deployment experience of India’s first all-electric car ride-hailing company – BluSmart. The report highlights key learnings and practical steps for businesses to adopt and scale electric fleets. By outlining the business case for EV adoption in the ride-hailing market, this resource is an important tool for building capacity in the early phase of India’s clean mobility transition.

Given its growing size, the ride-hailing market is a critical component in India’s clean mobility ambition.

The objective of this report is to document practical experiences and lessons from EV adoption in ride-hailing. BluSmart, a new all-electric car ride-hailing service in India, was selected for this demonstration.

BluSmart’s ride-hailing platform started with the objective of transforming Indian cities by providing 100% electric, sustainable, efficient, affordable and reliable mobility solutions. Launched in 2019 as India’s first all-electric car ride-hailing company, BluSmart has since completed 5 million clean kms through plying their vehicles on BluSmart and other platforms. The company now operates a fleet of 300+ EVs and has installed 200+ chargers for their operations in cities and suburbs of Delhi and Mumbai.

We hope that lessons learned from this demonstration will not only help BluSmart to scale up its own operations, but also support electrification of ride-hailing across all similar services and platforms, in India and globally.

With the key objective of accelerating EV adoption in the ride-hailing market, this report aims to highlight:

  • BluSmart’s journey in integrating and operating EVs
  • Challenges in integrating EVs into ride-hailing operations
  • Learnings for other existing and prospective ride-hailing companies


Source: www.wbcsd.org