Členové WBCSD a organizace Just Rural Transition vypracovali šest případových studií zaměřených na to, jak mohou velké zemědělsko-potravinářské společnosti zapojit a posílit malé a střední dodavatele (MSP) ve svých hodnotových řetězcích, aby jim lépe umožnily přístup na trh a zlepšily obchodní vztahy.

A stable, resilient and transparent supply chain is essential to a thriving agribusiness sector. Smaller suppliers and value chain actors are undergoing stress from climate change and are acutely vulnerable to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as political instability and conflict in certain regions. It is not surprising that strengthening supply chain partners is emerging as a priority for best practice in procurement.  

To contribute towards building an understanding of how large agri-food companies engage and strengthen small- and medium-sized (SME) suppliers in their value chains to better enable their market access and strengthen business relationships, WBCSD members and the Just Rural Transition have developed six case studies. These examine the business case for supplier engagement; explore elements of good procurement practice; and identify lessons learned to promote peer learning.

Read here a synthesis that identifies key themes and recommended action from the series of case studies.

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