Jeden rok od zahájení plánu SDG v oblasti lesnictví vydala skupina Forest Solutions Group (FSG) svou první zprávu o implementadci. Prostřednictvím klíčových ukazatelů výkonnosti a ilustrativních příkladů zpráva popisuje mnoho druhů propojení lesnického sektoru s globálními rozvojovými problémy, jako je změna klimatu, nedostatek vody, ztráta biologické rozmanitosti nebo sociální nerovnost. 


In this report FSG members are sharing how far they are in implementing the commitments made in the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap. The joint vision in the SDG Roadmap was translated into meaningful actions within eight impact areas, such as Working forests, Climate, the Bioeconomy or Communities. These actions are tied to key performance indicators allowing to take stock of the status of implementation and provide a baseline against which to track progress over time. Through the data and illustrative example, the report describes the forest sector’s many connections with global development issues such as climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, or social inequality.

With this report FSG members are holding themselves accountable to implementing the action in the SDG Roadmap, and commit to disclose their progress at regular intervals on their journey to 2030.

Explore the interactive version of the report on FSG’s Webpage, as well as and FSG’s new Membership Principles & Responsibilities.

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