WBCSD’s Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) published its latest progress report (available in English and in Brazilian Portugues) which focuses on the achievement of the SCF’s ambitious soybean supply chain traceability targets in Brazil’s Cerrado region. It also provided progress on its landscape partnerships and offered insights into priorities and next steps as it continues to expand its work.


The Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) latest report describes the achievement of its ambitious soybean supply chain traceability targets, provides progress on its landscape partnerships, and offers insights into priorities and next steps as it continues to expand its work.

In December 2019, members of the SCF committed to achieving a minimum of 95% traceability to farm for their direct sourcing in the project’s 25 priority municipalities. Their latest report shows the achievement of this target, with all six members achieving the target and most of them surpassing it, achieving full traceability to farm for direct sources.

In the 25 municipalities identified as priority for action, the SCF has forged partnerships with local implementation partners to engage producers and identify key opportunities and challenges to promote sustainable expansion of soy production in available cleared areas, protecting remaining native vegetation. Through its partners, the SCF is in the process of engaging approximately 130 producers.  Preliminary insights point to several opportunities to improve the uptake of sustainable soy expansion practices. Results and next steps will be shared in early 2021.

The report is available in English and Portuguese.


Source: www.wbcsd.org