Geneva, 31 March 2021: This new report lays out a framework to guide business action in line with the urgency of the challenges that we face as a global society:Vision 2050: Time to Transform maps how systems transform and lays out a new framework to guide business action in the decade ahead. At the heart of this framework are nine transformation pathways – actionable routes for companies to take – covering the areas of business activity that are essential to society: energy; transportation and mobility; living spaces; products and materials; financial products and services; connectivity; health and wellbeing; water and sanitation; and food.

Recordings of the launch events can be viewed here:

  • Peter Bakker, President & CEO, WBCSD – time 3:05 – 18:30
  • Magdi Batato, Executive VP Operations, Nestlé SA
  • Keryn James, Group CEO, ERM Ltd.
  • Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever
  • Ilham Kadri, CEO, Solvay
  • Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Olam International Ltd., & Chair, WBCSD