Nová strategie v oblasti tepla a budov plánuje snížit emise uhlíku ve 30 milionech domácností a pracovišť ve Spojeném království.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy sets out how the UK will decarbonise our homes, and our commercial, industrial and public sector buildings.

As part of setting a path to net zero by 2050, the strategy will be simple, low-cost and green to ensure it remains affordable and fair for all households.

The strategy will be a gradual transition which will start by incentivizing consumers and pushing down costs.

Heating buildings in the UK produces high carbon emissions and currently accounts for ¼ of all UK emissions.

Cutting emissions produced by heating and powering buildings will save money on energy bills and improve lives.

It is predicted BEIS’s approach will help support up to 240,00 skilled green jobs by 2035, thereby boosting economic recovery.

The strategy builds on the commitments made in Clean growth: transform heating, our Energy white paper and the Prime Minister’s 10 point plan.

The strategy outlines clear strategic decisions that need to be made over the next decade and demonstrates how we can plan to meet our target of net zero emissions by 2050.