WBCSD’s new Infographic on Forests highlights the importance of ALL forests – the Forest Continuum – and sustainable forest management in meeting the increasing demand for wood, fiber, fuel and food. With the Forest Continuum Infographic the WBCSD Forest Solutions Group pulls together the key messages relating to the crucial role of forests and sustainable forest management in achieving global sustainability goals…

New Forest Continuum Infographic
WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group issues new Infographic highlighting the importance of all forests from natural forests to plantations and sustainable forest management in meeting the increasing demand for wood, fiber, fuel and food.
Whitepaper & Video Highlights from PwC’s Global Forest & Paper Industry Roundtable
During the 27th PwC Annual Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference in May, the WBCSD joined the roundtable discussion to discuss the priorities facing the world’s forest, paper and packaging sectors.
Indore becomes the first Indian city to join the Sustainable Mobility Project
On July 25, the City of Indore met with delegates of the SMP & representatives of its supporting companies with a view to implement the project aiming to accelerate progress towards “universal access to safe & low-impact mobility” for both goods & people.
Evaluation study on externalities of the cement & concrete sector
On the basis of robust data, models and evaluation tools provided by its members, WBCSD’s CSI (Cement Sustainability Initiative) will conduct a broad analysis of the externalities (impacts and benefits) of the cement and concrete sector.
A new guide to help cement & aggregate sector to better manage biodiversity
WBCSD’s CSI contributed to IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature) new guide “Biodiversity Management in the cement and aggregates sector” which aims to encourage companies to responsibly manage biodiversity throughout their operations.
New WBCSD Members
WBCSD is pleased to welcome IKEA and McKinsey&Company among its membership.
WBCSD welcomes OECD report Nanotechnology and Tyres: Greening Industry and Transport
OECD’s new report highlights the potential of new nanomaterials whilst analysing the challenges for their safe and sustainable introduction in the tyre industry.
Integrated reporting on the OECD agenda
The 30th OECD Roundtable on Sustainable Development took place in collaboration with the WBCSD on June 25, 2014 in Paris.
Latest insights into Inclusive Business
WBCSD’s work in inclusive business aims to scale up action, awareness, and skills across the business community.
Linking socio-economic impact and business strategy
London event supported by the WBCSD delivered important insights into how companies are using data regarding their operations’ impact on development to inform business strategy and decision making processes.
Features & Commentary
In his article “The growth of urban sustainability” in American City and County, Matthew Lynch, Director of Sustainable Cities at WBCSD, tells how city leaders and businesses can work together to build sustainable cities.
Matthew Lynch, Director of Sustainable Cities, WBCSD
Global Network News
BCSD Brazil (CEBDS) welcomes joint research by Latin American BCSDs, coordinated by PwC, with CEOs from Latin America about leadership and climate change in the region. Results will be issued at COP20 Lima.
BCSD Honduras (CEHDES) successfully carried out the course “Introduction to HACCP and Interpretation of the ISO 22000 Standard” in the city of San Pedro Sula.
WBCSD’s Canadian GN Partner, The Council of Great Lakes Industries partners with the Great Lakes Protection Fund to help Great Lakes industry demonstrate global leadership in good water stewardship.
Upcoming Events
27-28: India Based Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture, Delhi, India
31: World Water Week, Stockholm
2: The Forests Dialogue on 4Fs, Finland
17-18: Zero Emission Cities Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland
22: UN Climate Summit 2014, NYC, USA
25-26: Natural Infrastructure Solution Workshop, Washington DC, USA
3-6: The WBCSD Council Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
The WBCSD’s Atlanta Council Member meeting is the annual meeting of CEOs and other senior corporate leaders who serve as the organization’s Council Members. Business – Setting the pace is the theme of this year’s event.
April 2015
20-24: The WBCSD Liaison Delegates Meeting in Montreux, Switzerland
December 2015
7-10: The WBCSD Council Meeting in Paris, France
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