COP 20 in Lima, December 2014, is an important milestone on the “Road to Paris”, where a new global climate agreement will be negotiated next year. Business leaders call on governments for concrete steps in Lima and the WBCSD is leading business in several key collaborative processes to support an upwards spiral of ambition towards a positive outcome.

The US and China strike ambitious deal to cut emissions
WBCSD strongly supports the unprecedented joint announcement of ambition on climate change targets by the US and China. The US aims to cut its emissions to 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. China announced targets to peak CO 2 emissions by 2030, if possible earlier, and to increase the non-fossil fuel share of all energy to 20% by 2030.
Reporting Matters 2014 – Strategic disclosure in non-financial reporting is improving
In November, the WBCSD launched Reporting Matters 2014, the outcome of the second review of members’ sustainability or integrated reports covering 162 world-leading companies from more than 20 sectors and 35 countries. Results show that the quality of corporate non-financial reporting is improving, and despite the diversity of approaches, sustainability reporting is the norm for the world’s leading companies.
Global WBCSD forest industry members commit to prove progress in sustainability
Increasing demand for food and feed production, wood and fibre, and broader ecosystem services put forests under pressure globally. To enhance sustainable forest management, the WBCSD Forest Solutions Group (FSG) has initiated a set of key performance indicators to measure progress in sustainability.
Updated WRI & WBCSD toolkit for informed choices on forest products
Seeking out forest products from sustainable sources is key to eliminating deforestation from global supply chains, increasing transparency in the market place and incentivizing sustainable forest management. Discover the updated Sustainable Procurement Guide for wood- and paper-based products developed by the WRI and the WBCSD, including information on fresh & recycled fibre, climate change and unique forest values.
The 2014 Future Leaders Program contributes new publications to Redefining Value
The 2014 Future Leaders Program (FLP) “Bridging the Capital” concluded with 25 graduates from 23 member companies after a nine month education journey into sustainability. Participants delivered group assignments aligned with the Redefining Value (RV) program and contributed five new publications to the RV library.
Chengdu: first Chinese city to join the WBCSD’s Sustainable Mobility Project (SMP2.0)
Together with Chengdu city authorities, SMP2.0 will address mobility-related challenges and develop a set of multimodal solutions that will extend access to safe, reliable and comfortable mobility for all, whilst aiming for affordability, zero traffic accidents, low environmental impact, and reduced demand on energy and time.
Learn Greenhouse Gas Accounting Online
Developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the WBCSD, the GHG Protocol sets the global standard for how to measure, manage, and report greenhouse gas emissions. Register by December 31st, 2014 and save 20% on online courses.
New WBCSD Members
WBCSD is pleased to welcome its new member UPL Limited.
Features & Commentary
Business Calls on Policy Makers to Deliver an Ambitious Climate Agreement – The New Economy COP20 Special Edition
The WBCSD Urban Infrastructure Initiative – Climate Action
The Private Sector and Sustainable Development – Climate Action
Peter Bakker, President & CEO, WBCSD
Sustainability Reporting “Now the Norm” – Environmental Leader writes about “Reporting Matters 2014”, the latest publication by the WBCSD.
World Toilet Day: what business can do to improve global sanitation – The Guardian calls on businesses to sign the WBCSD’s Wash Pledge.
Global Network News
Six business associations in South East Asia join forces to drive the sustainability agenda
With a combined membership of over 200 innovative corporations, the coalition partners launched “Action2020 in South East Asia” to scale up business solutions to solve the most critical environmental and social problems in the region.
Ação 2020 by CEBDS
BCSD Brazil (CEBDS) launched “Ação 2020”. Inspired by WBCSD’s Action2020, the platform focuses on seven priority areas for a sustainable future for Brazil.
Overcoming the trust deficit in South Africa: The role of business in society
The National Business Initiative (NBI), South Africa, held a series of events engaging with stakeholders, members and interested participants on the role of business in society.
South African companies show significant progress on emissions management
The 8th edition of the South African CDP Climate Change Report was released in partnership with the National Business Initiative (NBI).
Upcoming Events
December 2014
1-12: UNFCCC COP 20, Lima, Peru
The 20th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC.
January 2015
21-24: World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland
February 2015
17-19: GreenBiz Forum 2015, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
16-21: Sustainability Solutions Festival, Scottsdale, USA
March 2015
14-18: UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai, Japan
April 2015
8-12: ICLEI World Congress, Seoul, Republic of Korea
20-24: The WBCSD Liaison Delegates Meeting in Montreux, Switzerland
October 2015
1-2: Measuring Sustainability Performance: Corporate Approaches and Contributions, Geneva, Switzerland
December 2015
7-10: The WBCSD Council Meeting in Paris, France
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